Enterprise's Mobility

  • Mobility at LAN's speed
  • Access your network from everywhere
  • Enable User mobile applications
  • Reduce Roaming Cost


  • Increase Network Capacity & ARPU
  • Reduce Bandwidth Consumption & Cost
  • Improve Data Delivery & QoE


  • Load Balancing
  • SSL Control Tower
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Content Acceleration

BoostEdge Atlas ▶

BoostEdge Atlas is an advanced Application Delivery Controler (ADC) ensuring availability, security of both servers and data and content acceleration for corporate applications, web sites and e-commerces by combining L.7 load-balancer, compression, content optimizations, SSL/TLS encryption, Web Application Firewall.

  • L7. Load-Balancer
  • SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Web Application Firewal
  • Improves Performances
  • Save Mobile Bandwidth

BoostEdge PetaCache ▶

BoostEdge PetaCache is a carrier-grade hybrid transparent cache (Web, media & download) and compression solution for ISPs that can store up to a Peta-Byte, compresses and minify web pages and optimizes media (images, PDF, flash). PetaCache high performance appliance fulfils all optimization requirements of an ISP such as bandwidth saving and web acceleration.

  • Hierarchic, Hybrid Cache
  • Compression
  • Advanced Content Aware Optimization
  • Content Driven TCP Optimization

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