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  • Increase Network Capacity & ARPU
  • Reduce Bandwidth Consumption & Cost
  • Improve Users QoE
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ADC for Corporate Applications

  • Load Balancing
  • SSL/TLS Control Tower
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Content Acceleration
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Do You Really Need a Web
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BoostEdge Atlas ▶

BoostEdge Atlas is an advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC) ensuring availability, security of both servers and data and content acceleration for corporate applications, web sites and e-commerce by combining L.7 load-balancer, compression, content optimizations, SSL/TLS encryption, Web Application Firewall.

BoostEdge PetaCache ▶

BoostEdge PetaCache is a carrier-grade transparent cache and delivery platform for ISPs. PetaCache high performance appliance fulfills all optimization requirements such as bandwidth saving on both internet link (backbone) and access-network (last mile), as well as web acceleration.

BoostEdge Models

Physical BoostEdge Appliance

BoostEdge Atlas & BoostEdge PetaCache are available as physical appliance in 1U and 2U rack units.
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Virtual BoostEdge Appliance

BoostEdge Atlas is available as virtual appliance. It is compatible with VMWare, XEN, KVM.
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BoostEdge Bare Metal

BoostEdge Atlas is available as a bootable USB key which allows you to create a BoostEdge appliance with your own rack server. USB key image is available on our ftp server.
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BoostEdge UltraScale ® Architecture

The UltraScale ® vector architecture is based on a single system image techniques. Scaling is as simple as adding an additional rack unit and register it. It scales up to 80Gb/s.
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Save Internet Link Bandwidth ▶

This is the main goal of the cache. Each time already acquired data is served from the cache, bandwidth is saved. The bigger the cache, the higher the hit rate.

Boost your Radio Access-Network ▶

BoostEdge PetaCache also shrinks the traffic going through the access-network. Based on compression as well as various content aware optimization , connection management, Browser Cache Control, and TCP optimization, PetaCache reduces the size of transmitted data and thus boost your access-network.

Increase Long-Haul Capacity ▶

When an ISP has such a long-haul topology like either a submarine cable or, worse, as satellite link, the "OverSea" end-to-end and two-way over compression system can be deployed. This extra compression is complementary to the cache and saves even more bandwidth while it increases the actual per TCP session bandiwdth.

Speed up your Web Applications ▶

Your web applications are actually slower when they are used from remote, poorly connected places or with mobile devices. This clearly indicates that the lack of performances is caused by networks issues. Thanks to its numerous optimization techniques, BoostEdge can boost your applications.

Shield your Application ▶

IT system intrusion and sensitive data thefts are never been achieved by brute force encryptions breaking. They always result of security breach and compromission: protecting application and servers against maliscious requests is more than ever mandatory.

Corporate Applications ▶

Organizations are increasingly dependent on a wide range of web-based applications. These range from business-critical internal systems, such as billing, CRM, ERP, project management and payroll, to brand-critical external systems, such as e-commerce, e-banking, reservation systems, video delivery and social media.

Where to Buy

BoostEdge Atlas Resellers ▶

Theses partners are specialists of application deployment. Who better know how to deploy BoostEdge in front of applications in order to insure there availability and security and to improve performance?

BoostEdge PetaCache Resellers ▶

These partners are skilled in the telecom domain. They will help you to select and install the proper BoostEdge model and get the optimal performances for your network infrastructure.

About Us

BoostEdge S.A.S. is a software development company specialized in web optimization, acceleration and caching.

BoostEdge technology helps hundreds of Enterprises and Operators to improve internet response times, to secure connections, to save bandwidth, to reduce roaming data costs and to provide analytics.

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