UBfast ▶

UBfast is an advanced web site and eCommerce optimization solution which makes eCommerce pages loading faster, decreases bounce rate, improves conversion rate and fits Google requirements in order to raise pages ranking. UBfast is implemented both as SaaS platform and on-premise solution.

PETAcache ▶

PETAcache is a carrier-grade transparent cache and delivery platform for ISPs. PETAcache high performance appliance fulfills all optimization requirements such as bandwidth saving on both internet link (backbone) and access-network (last mile), as well as web acceleration.

Atlas ▶

Atlas is an advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC) ensuring availability, security of both servers and data and content acceleration for corporate applications, web sites and eCommerce by combining L.7 load-balancer, compression, content optimizations, SSL/TLS encryption, Web Application Firewall.

All Atlas and UBfast versions are available as physical or virtual appliances or in Cloud. PETAcache versions are only available as appliances, except for functional tests.

BOOSTedge Models

BOOSTedge in Cloud x x
Physical BOOSTedge Appliance x x x
Virtual BOOSTedge Appliance x x
BOOSTedge Bare Metal x x x
BOOSTedge UltraScale ® Architecture x

BOOSTedge in Cloud

Atlas & UBfast are available in cloud Google, Amazone, Azur,...

Physical BOOSTedge Appliance

Atlas & PETAcache are available as physical appliance in 1U and 2U rack units.
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Virtual BOOSTedge Appliance

Atlas & PETAcache are available as virtual appliance. It is compatible with VMWare, XEN, KVM.
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BOOSTedge Bare Metal

Atlas is available as a bootable USB key which allows you to create a BOOSTedge appliance with your own rack server. USB key image is available on our ftp server.
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BOOSTedge UltraScale ® Architecture

The UltraScale ® vector architecture is based on a single system image techniques. Scaling is as simple as adding an additional rack unit and register it. It scales up to 80Gb/s.
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