Bare Metal Models

BoostEdge is available as a bare metal edition. This allows you to either buy a rack server, getting advantage of a bid, or reuse an already available one in order to convert it as BoostEdge appliance.

The bare metal edition can be installed from either an bootable DVD or a bootable USB key. Both ISO and USB disk images can be download from our FTP server. You may also order a boostable USB key DVD.

Server Specifications

The model you build depends on both the licence and the actual capacity of the rack server you have selected. The table below indicates the hardware specifications regarding the model you want to build.

BoostEdge Atlas
Application Delevery Controler

Converting a rack server in a BoostEdge Atlas ADC is very easy. Servers specifications are quite average and are supported by very common servers models.

ADC-BM400 310Mb/s 8
ADC-BM600 622Mb/s 12
ADC-BM1200 1.2Gb/s 24
ADC-BM2400 2.5Gb/s 50