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PETAcache is a carrier-grade hybrid cache (Web, media & download) that can store up to a Peta-Byte, compresses and minify web pages and optimizes media (images, PDF, flash). PETAcache, a dedicated ISP accelerator, reduces long-distance bandwidth requirements by up 50 % and last mile traffic by 75 % while maintaining data security.

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Key benefits

Save half bandwidth on Internet link

PETAcache serves half and more of web objects from the cache, preventing to download multiple times same objects. This leads to halve the consumed bandwidth over the Internet link or long-haul (on HTTP).

Up to 50% data compression on downstream access network

PETAcache is not only a cache. It embeds every lossless compressions TCP optimization and various advanced content-aware optimizations such as image compression allowing to remove up to 50% of the traffic over the last mile and access network.

Faster page rendition, Quicker response time

The cache shortens the request-reply travel and decreases the network latency. The last mile optimization speeds up even more the web page download time improving the website response time and the users' Quality of Experience.

Enable compression over the long-haul

Upgrading the PETAcache in to an OverSea ®, enables the end-to-end compression and boosts even more the long-haul optimization and saving.

Prevent to buy additional bandwidth and to upgrade the access network

Putting all the optimization features together, PETAcache let the ISP to achieve the the expected performances and even handle more users without enlarging the long-haul link nor increasing the wireless access-network capacity.

From Small to Big

PETAcache ® is available in single box scalar architecure as well as in the UltraScale vector architecture capable to handle up to 80Gb/s and store up to one PetaBytes of web content.

Upgrade PETAcache to OverSea

Once PETAcache is installed, deploying an DediBoost converts a PETAcache into a full end-to-end OverSea configuration.

Easy to purchase, Easy to Deploy

PETAcache is running on standard industry Dell, HP and SuperMicro rack mounted servers which can be separately purchased by certified partners for the customer (Cf. BOOSTedge Factory Guide). Thanks to its fail-safe, inline and IP-transparent insertion mode, PETAcache can be easily deployed in the ISP network. It is the perfect solution for full MVNO.


PTCVA45 45Mb/s DS3, T3
PTC155 155Mb/s STM1, OC3
PTC300 310 Mb/s 2✕STM1
PTC600 622 Mb/s STM4, OC12
PTC1200 1.2G b/s 2✕STM4, OC24
PTC2400 2.4 Gb/s STM16, OC48
PTCUS2400 2.4 b/s STM16
PTCUS10G 10 Gb/s STM64