SSL Encryption

BoostEdge makes it very easy to "SSL-ize" an application. Certificates and keys are stored in BoostEdge which becomes the SSL termination point. This offloads the application servers and simplifies the deployment of the application.

Encryption is achieved by using either SSL or TLS protocol. TLS/1.2, the most recent version, is available.

Since all requests are decrypted, BoostEdge can scan them in order to detect malicious requests by using its WAF module.

Encrypting the uplink

In some circumstances, if the corporate networks is not secured, the uplink between BoostEdge and the server may be encrypted again. However, a light cipher suite can be used in order to limit the load of the application server.

As an example, a "Diffie Hellman-SHA 256-3DES" can be used downstream while a simple "RSA-MD5-RC4" can be used upstream.