UBfast ©

UBfast © increases your e-commerce revenue. Providing the best web optimisazion of the market, UBfast reduces the weight and the loading time of your web pages thanks to his innovative optimization tools namely the htmltweaker as well as many other content processing such as compression, minification, image compression, lazy-loading, ...

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Key benefits

Pages Loading Time Optimization

In order to speed up the display time of your eCommerce website and thus to facilitate the purchase, UBfast applies numerous HTML page optimizations as well as advanced content compression, minification and image processing.

Reduced bounce rate and increased conversion rate

By improving the response time, UBfast reduces the bounce rate, with a direct impact on the conversion rate, especially with mobile devices. UBfast adapts itself with the user device (laptop, mobile, etc.) and location in order to deliver the most appropriate optimization.

Improved ranking

The mobile readiness, that is mainly the page structure as well as the number and weight of its components have become ranking signal. UBfast dynamically restructures the pages and helps them to fit best practices and the search engine recommandations (mainly Google) in order to increase the ranking rate.

Servers protection and security

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects the servers and the applications against malicious request and intrusions.

Easy to Deploy

Flexibility and choice of implementation

UBfast gives you the choice of the implementation and fits to your configuration:

DynaFlex © Integration and deployment tools

When UBfast is deployed in your on premise infrastructure, DynaFlex, The ultra fine request handling policy and the scriptable content adaptation make complex integration easy and manageable.