UltraScale ® Models

PetaCache UltraScale ® Edition is a very flexible ultra scalable carrier grade cache solution for ISP. This plateform is based on single boot image used by every units. Each unit can be either a rack mounted server or a blade. A master unit, the RCS (Role Casting System) is responsible of sharing the boot image and attaching a role to every other unit. Scaling is as simple as plugging a new server or blade and register it as a new unit.

UltraScale Roles & Blades
RCS Role Casting System
AFR Asymetric Front Router
TPU Traffic Processing Unit
LMU Log Management Unit
CSU Cache Storage Unit


The UltraScale architecture is so flexible that it is not possible to list every configurations. The table below contains two common configuration examples.

PTCUS2400 10Gb/s, 3x3.2 TB+ up to 1PB cache STM16
PTCUS10G 10Gb/s, 12x3.2 TB + up to 1PB cache STM64