Virtual-Appliance Models

Most of BoostEdge models are available as virtual appliances. They complies with VMWare (ESXi), KVM, XEN and Hyper V virtual engines. They are provided as OVA files which can be downloaded from our ftp server.

Virtual Appliance is very easy to test and deploy. It enables to deploy a dedicated BoostEdge for each appliance instead of of deploying a single physical appliance with a complex configuration.

BoostEdge Atlas
Application Content Delivery

Give the control to the Application Manager

Deploying application needs to change application content on the fly in order to compress, encrypt, rewrite links, set cache directives, syndicate multiple modules, adapt URL, ... The application manager and his team is the right person to do this job.

Deploying virtual appliance close in front of application servers is just the right solution for the application manager to get back the control of the application content delivery.

Virtual Appliances
ADC-VA100 45Mb/s 2
ADC-VA200 155Mb/s 4
ADC-VA400 310Mb/s 8
ADC-VA600 622Mb/s 12
ADC-VA1200 1.2Gb/s 24
ADC-VA2400 2.5Gb/s 50

Transparent Cache and delivery solution for ISP

PTC-VA45 45Mb/s, 8G compact cache DS3, T3
PTC-VA155 155Mb/s, 8GB compact cache STM1, OC3
PTC-VA300 310Mb/s, 16GB compact cache 2xSTM1, OC6