Boost your Radio Access Network

The radio access network, either wimax, UMTS or LTE is a costly infrastructure. Compressing the traffic is a solution to leverage your access network and support a bigger traffic without overwhelming investment

Leveraging your access network.

Increasing access network infrastructure to handle rising mobile web traffic is highly capital intensive. When the access network is over loaded, ISP must increase the available bandwidth by deploying new equipments such as BTS or WiMax antennas.

But now there is an alternative. PETAcache reduces web traffic volumes by up to 75% and increases available bandwidth so your subscribers can enjoy speed while you save on your CAPEX. Deployment is fully transparent to users to let you start win over new subscribers and increase ARPU.

ISP with a costly access network - BostEdge
ISP with a costly access netwok


Decreasing the need of Bandwidth

Tanks to its bandwith optimization technology, BOOSTedge decreases the need of bandwidth. As a result, more bandwidth is available for each user.
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Reducing files and upates download

Updates are big files which are already compressed making compression unefficient. However, may users will download the same update files the same day. Deploying the cache reduces the number of time a given file or uipate is downloaded. When dedicated to such files, a quite small cache reduce the upstream traffic of 20%

Speed Up web browsing

In addition, BOOSTedge applies several protocol enhancements: connection management, TCP optimizations, clients' cache control as well as many other secret acceleration ticks making web browser even faster.

Increase Revenue per User (ARPU)

Compression is equivalent to enlarge the bandwidth letting to support more users with the same link. Keep in mind that saving 30% of the bandwidth allows to support 50% more users.

Installing BOOSTedge in the ISP's premises

BOOSTedge is deploy in the route of the the data incoming from the internet. Several deployment techniques are available. Inline IP transparent proxy or using BOOSTedge as a next-hop by defining a dedicated policy based routing.