Enabling Actual Web Access over WiMax

WiMax is widely deployed in africa. However the actual bandwidth does not allow an effective web browsing when using a mobil user device wihout a directional antenna. in addition WiMax operators used WiMax as a backhaul. The lack of bandwidth on the last-mile avoids to efficiently browse the web with a mobile device.

Solution: Deploy PETAcache

Deploying PETAcache upstream the WiMax last mile makes it possible apply compression as well as advanced content aware optimization over the last mile.

Using the cache shortens the travel of the data each time it is taken from the cache. This decreases the traffic upstream PETAcache, removes a hop and speeds up the web pages rendition.

BOOSTedge compression and various content optimizations efficiently reduces the volume of downloaded data and thus reduce the bandwidth consumption.
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How to deploy

BOOSTedge is deployed between at the downstream the WiMax list myle and part of the WiMax back-haul.
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