Caching Solution for ISPs

Saving bandwidth over the Upstream link to Internet is a key concern for every ISPs. In case a long-haul over a submarine cable or, even worse, a satellite link it becomes simply mandatory. The BOOSTedge caching solution will save up two half of your bandwidth.


Caching is the most effective solution to cut the upstream traffic from the Internet. Each time a data is served from the cache storage system it saves as many bytes as the size of the data. In addition it reduces the round trip and thus improve the download speed.

Fast Memory + SSD Cache Storage

Web page contains plethora of small components. Thanks to the hybrid storage architecture of PETAcache, these components are stored in a dedicated memory+fast SSD achieving to speed up the web page rendition and improve the user experience.

Caching despite ephemeral dynamics URLs

The canonical URL mechanism allows to retrieve data in the cache while the URL of a same content is ever changing. This improves the cache efficiency for most of the update download.

Content Driven Cache

This is the ultimate way to retrieve data in cache when URL are no longer identifying data.

Additionnal end-to-end compression

In a case of a satellite link, additionnal compression and TCP optimization will save more bandwidth. TCP optimization adapts the TCP stack to the specific behaviour of a connection with a very long round trip time (over 750ms).
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Island ISP - BOOSTedge ISP over Satellite with OverSea

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Speed Up web browsing

In addition, BOOSTedge applies several protocol enhancements: connection management, TCP optimizations, clients' cache control as well as many other secret acceleration tricks making web browser even faster.

Increase Revenue per User (ARPU)

Compression is equivalent to enlarge the bandwidth letting to support more users with the same link. Keep in mind that saving 30% of the bandwidth allows to support 50% more users.

How to deploy

The PETAcache is first deployed between at the downstream end of the long-haul connecting the ISP's access network to the Internet. This enables to forward the traffic to the Internet Core Compressor

Then the Internet Core Compressor can be deployed. Depending of the ISP infrastructure, BOOSTedge can be installed either in the ISP's premisises or in our cloud.
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