ISPs over Satellite

Bandiwdth over satellite is very expensive and remains quite low. Optimizing the bandwidth usage is a key concern for the ISPs whose acess network is connected to the Internet through such a satellite link.

The Issues

In addition, the round trip time exceeds 750 ms, this slows the connection, increase the response time for every single requests and reduces the bandwidth per TCP sessions.

Most of such ISPs do not have access to the satellite hub and therefore they can not add their own equipment. This makes even more difficult to process and optimize traffic from an upstream position.


Deploying a Cache

Obviously , deploying a cache is the first mandatory step. This will prevent to transfer data accross the saltellite uplink. In addition, specific rules must be applied in order to prevent cache content validation since even a positive validation lates at least the round trip time that is more than 750 ms

Upgrading to OverSea ® end-to-end solution

When PETAcache is installed and the cache is fully deployed the oversea local peer features can be enabled, forwarding the traffic to DediBoost located at the opposite end of the satellite link.

This end-to-end deployment allows to enable additionnal features such as compressions, TCP optimizations, etc.

Applying TCP Optimizations

The long round trip time (RTT) degrades the performance of the TCP stack. Selecting the proper anti congestion algorithm as well as other TCP stack parameters improves the efficiency of the TCP protocol. In addition cuting the connection travel in several segments increases the per TCP session bandwidth limitation caused by the famous bandwidth x delay product.

Decreasing the need of Bandwidth

BOOSTedge compression and various content aware optimizations efficiently reduce the volume of downloaded data and thus reduce the bandwidth consumption.

By putting all these features together BOOSTedge achieves a high compression score and efficiently reduces users' bandwidth consumption. This prevent to upgrade the bandwidth and helps ISPs to control their cost.
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Speed Up web browsing

In addition, BOOSTedge applies several protocol enhancements: connection management, TCP optimizations, clients' cache control as well as many other secret acceleration tricks making web browser even faster.

Increase Revenue per User (ARPU)

Compression is equivalent to enlarge the bandwidth letting to support more users with the same link. Keep in mind that saving 30% of the bandwidth allows to support 50% more users.

How to deploy

The PETAcache is first deployed between at the downstream end of the long-haul connecting the ISP's access network to the Internet. This enables to forward the traffic to the Internet Core Compressor

Then the Internet Core Compressor can be deployed. Depending of the ISP infrastructure, BOOSTedge can be installed either in the ISP's premisises or in our cloud.
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