Meet performance Goal
Without buying Additional Bandwidth

Island ISPs are connected to the Internet via a long-haul which can be either a satellite link or a submarine cable. In both case bandwidth is expensive. Achieving expected performances requires an ever growing bandwidth at an ever growing cost. Even with additional bandwidth, performance issues still remain unresolved.

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An Island ISP

What are the Issues

Obviously buying additional bandwidth will improve performances. But some performance issues are not caused by the bandwidth limitation.

When the round trip time is too long, the bandwidth delay product issue limits the the actual bandwidth of a TCP session regardless the bandwidth of the network link layer. Deploying more bandwidth will have no effect on the download speed of each individual user.

Whatever the subscribed long haul bandwidth, the contention ratio is so big that the long-haul will remain saturated for ever. The definitive solution is no longer a forever increasing bandwidth.


Step 1: Deploy a PETAcache

80% of the web page objects and 100% of the downloaded files are cacheable. Deploying the cache makes it possible to serve these data from the cache instead of repeatedly redownload them. This frees available bandwidth for the non cacheable objects, mostly dynamic private web content.

Moreover the cache shorten the end-to-end TCP connection which workarounds the bandwidth delay product and thus increase the available bandwidth per TCP session.

Step 2: Enable Optimization over the Last Mile

Enabling PETAcache Lossless compression and various advanced content aware optimizations reduces the traffic over the access network and the last mile and speed up the time to download.

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