Mobile Device Fleet
Enable mobility & Reduce Mobile devices fleet expense

In companies with a large mobile device fleet, subscription is quite an expensive budget. Reducing the bandwidth immediatly reduces the cost and prevents the users to have a capped bandwidth when the maximum download volume is exceeded.

Recuce mobile device bandwidth consumption

BOOSTedge goes far beyond usual lossless data compression known as gzip which is applied to any compressible data, mainly textual data such as HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript etc. In adition, it uses various other content aware optimizations images and various signal processing, minification, data structure optimization etc.

These optimizations applies to most of the contents such as images (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), PDF, flash, CSS, JavaScripts, etc.

Applying both compression and optimizations leads to achieve a high compression score and dramatically decrease the bandwidth consumption.

Speed up web application

On top of compression and optimizations, also applies protocol enhancements, TCP optimizations as well as many other acceleraton tricks. Putting all theese features together make browsing web sites and applications even faster.

Additionnal optimizations save even more bandwidth

No neutrality concern

Since the neutrality is not a concern, stronger optimization can be used such as specific image profiles and aggressive cache control directives.

Blocking videos and updates

Updates and video literally burn bandwidth subscription. Updates can be postponed until the mobile devices are connected through WiFi. Videos can be blocked while using 3G connection.

Controling the bandwidth cost

Reducing the bandwidth consumption immediately reduce the mobile device subscription expense or at least help to prevent it to grow.

URL filtering increases productivity

Studies show that 70% of the Internet usage is not for non-professional reasons. Implementing an Internet access policy makes it possible to increase productivity.

At least, even if such websites are not blocked, still can reduce the priority and allot more bandwidth to the professional websites and applications.