Reduce Access Network Fee

MVNOs pay monthly fee for using the access network of an actual MMO. In most of such cases, the fee grows as the traffic grows while the MVNO subscribers pay a fixed fee. Reducing the traffic traversing the access network (also known as last-mile) is thus mandatory in order to decrease the cost of the access network.

ISP, MVNO with a Costly Access Network

Solution: Deploy PETAcache
The comprehensive Bandwidth Management Solution

This only solution is to apply effective data compression to the HTTP content delivered through the access network.

PETAcache Deployed with Compression


Obviously, BOOSTedge applies well known lossless compression such as gzip, deflate of even bzip. Unfortunately, this applies only the the HTML backend and to few text web page components, mainly JavaScripts and CSS while the most of the component and and most of the data volume of a web pages due to images

Content Aware Optimizations

BOOSTedge goes far beyond usual lossless data compression and applies various content-aware optimizations which make it possible to optimize and deflate data which could not be compressed with usual lossless compression.

Images Optimizations and Processing

Images represent an average of 60% of the websites volume and 90% of the requests. Dedicated optimization with image format specific signal processing achieves to save up to 80% on some jpeg images. Read more ▶


Thanks to various bandwidth management techniques as well as rich content aware optimization, BOOSTedge achieves to save an average of 40% of the access-network bandwidth and thus the access network fee

This also allows the MVNO to support 50% more subscribers without increasing the access network capacity.