Shield your Application

Corporate application needs to be protected against intrusions, malicious requests and other DoS type attacks. Protecting the web server and securing encryption secrets is mandatory in order to prevent certificates theft and thus server spoofing. Atlas fulfils every other requirements when deploying a web application

Put Applications in an Insulated Hideaway

Hide Application behind BOOSTedge

The first step is to deploy BOOSTedge as a surrogate in front of the application. BOOSTedge is thus ready to act as a shield protecting the application. Hiding the actual server address, removing server signature and "cloaking" the application as single server prevent to reveal the infrastructure details and make attacks less feasible.

Block the Malicious Requests

Imaging the someone retrieves the server certificates or the password file with a trivial traversal directory attack? What would be the actual robustness of the encryption? zero, even if you deploy the best cipher suite.

The WAF is the only way to protect your application against the actual and unique vulnerability: compromission.

Encrypt all Applications at a Single Place

First of all, Deploying encryption is achieved in a few click on BOOSTedge's GUI

As a single access path to the applications, BOOSTedge unify and simplify the encryption of all the applications deployed behind it. Since keys and certificates are securely located on BOOSTedge they are no longer readable by any attack of the application servers.