Corporate Applications

Organizations are increasingly dependent on a wide range of web-based applications. These range from business-critical internal systems, such as billing, CRM, ERP, project management and payroll, to brand-critical external systems, such as e-commerce, e-banking, reservation systems, video delivery and social media.

With the applications used from a mobile device through 3G/4G, the bandwidth issue and the application slowness are back. In case of large mobile device fleet, subscription is quite an expensive budget. Reducing the bandwidth immediatly reduces the cost and prevents the users to have a capped bandwidth when the maximum download volume is exceeded.


Increase productivity, Increase user loyalty, reduce the down time risk, protect the servers and the data, improve security.

Lower OPEX: BOOSTedge delivers immediate bandwidth savings, improves security and offloads server requirements. The result is lower OPEX.

Reduce mobile device bandwidth consumption

BOOSTedge goes far beyond usual lossless data compression known as gzip which is applied to any compressible data, mainly textual data such as HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript etc. In addition, it uses various other content aware optimization images and various signal processing, minification, data structure optimization etc.

These optimizations applies to most of the contents such as images (GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), PDF, flash, CSS, JavaScripts, etc.

Applying both compression and optimizations leads to achieve a high compression score and dramatically decrease the bandwidth consumption.

Speed up web application

On top of compression and optimizations, BOOSTedge also applies protocol enhancements, TCP optimizations as well as many other acceleraton tricks. Putting all these features together make browsing web sites and applications even faster.

Additionnal optimization save even more bandwidth

No neutrality concern

Since the neutrality is not a concern, stronger optimization can be used such as specific image profiles and aggressive cache control directives.

Blocking videos and updates

Updates and videos literally burn bandwidth subscription. Updates can be postponed until the mobile devices are connected through WiFi. Videos can be blocked while using 3G connection.

Controlling the bandwidth cost

Reducing the bandwidth consumption immediately reduces the mobile device subscription expense or at least helps to prevent it to grow.


Your Applications are Critical

The performance and speed of these systems has a direct impact on your customer satisfaction and the bottom line. For years BOOSTedge has been accelerating applications from leading vendors such as Oracle, SAP, IBM or Microsoft amongst others.

Your Applications must be available

One minute of downtime for enterprise systems can cost hundreds euro per minute (Source Standish Group). And this does not count support costs. Ensuring availability is a main concern. Atlas embeds layer 7 load-balancing but also a powerful server health checking.

Your Servers and Data Need Security

In addition to encrypting data and authenticating users, security means defending the servers against attacks and malicious requests. Fighting against such attacks requires scanning all the connections at the application and content level (layer 7). BOOSTedge includes a web application firewall (WAF) that protects the application servers against attacks like jumbo payload, buffer overflow, cross site scripting, SQL injection, transversal directory attack and other attacks.

Users wish high-performance applications

Users expect web pages to load fast. They are more active when a site is fast and there is less conversion rate fall-off. Increased revenues: Delays cost sales. E-commerce sites sell more when page-load speed improves.


Deploy Atlas

Atlas will act as a shield in front of your applications. It will encrypt data, insure availability, protect the server against malicious request and avoid intrusions.
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Deploy a Virtual BOOSTedge

BOOSTedge is available as a VMWare virtual appliance. This makes it possible to deploy a dedicated BOOSTedge appliance for each application. Application and its ADC can be considere as a stand-alone sub-system. The application delivery is under the control of the application manager and no longer depends of company-wide network policy.
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Client-less Solution

Decompression is achieved by the browser itself, therefore BOOSTedge does not need to install any client on the client device, desktop or mobile. This makes BOOSTedge very easy to deploy with no additionnal cost.